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مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب ) للتثبيت

ارشيف المواضيع المتكررة والمخالفة

18-08-2006, 10:24 PM
Smile مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب ) للتثبيت

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

A Nightmare On Elm Street #1: Suffer The Children

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

The movie begins as we see a man fashioning together a glove of some sort. Flash to a scene in a dark, damp boiler room with the lovely Tina (Amanda Wyss) being stalked by an unknown assailant. Just as she is about to meet her doom she wakes up drenched in sweat. It was only a bad dream and she thinks it's all over, but it is only the beginning for the kids of Elm Street.

We later find out that other kids are having nightmares about a strange man with knives as his fingers. Right away, we recognize Freddy as a trendsetter among slashers, being years ahead of the advent-grade Edward Scissorhands and boy, that red and green sweater is so...sexy. Watch out girls, this boy's one-liners will kill you.

After ripping through a cast that could have easily starred in "Scream" (we now see where Wes' originality sprung from), Freddy finally meets his match. Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) realizes that the only way to defeat this maniac is to bring him out into the real world. She also find out why Freddy is doing all this killing . The ending was pretty bizarre; leaving the door open (literally) for the sequels that followed

A Nightmare on Elm Street #2 : Freddy's Revenge

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

The idea is pretty simple. Freddy wants to be re-born in this world so he can wreak his revenge on all the children of Elm Street...asleep or not. You've got the body, I've got the brain. Not a bad idea at first.....but to Freddy's dismay, he falls upon the misfortunate of having Jessie (Mark Patton), the world's biggest geek, move into 1428 Elm St. I mean for Freddy to pick a more pathetic loser to possess is beyond me. This movie lacks all the imagination that made this series a classic.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #3 : Dream Warriors

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

The story begins with our beloved Freddy terrorizing a bunch of kids down at the local loony bin (that's where you'll find me). Enter Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) , back for her second tour of duty, as a grad. student who uses dream therapy to help troubled kids and Kristen (Patricia Arquette), who has the power to draw other people into her dreams. The stage is set for the final battle (or is it?) with Freddy. This band of mental misfits, who are unable to cope with the real world (due mainly to Freddy), become superheroes in their dreams with the help of Nancy and Kristen in hopes of kicking some serious Freddy ass. Unfortunately for them, Krueger is the undisputed, undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the netherworld. How sweet, fresh meat.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #4 : The Dream Master

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

The fourth installment begins where the third one left off. Kristen (Tuesday Knight) has this unsettling feeling that Freddy is coming back. But isn't Freddy dead. Shouldn't have buried me, I'm not dead. This is unfortunate too for her old pals Joey (Rodney Eastman) and Kincaid (Ken Sagoes), because she pulls them back into her nightmare. Freddy quickly dispense with the informalities and the leftover cast.

It seems Kristen is now the last surviving kid from the lynch mob that killed Freddy. But Freddy isn't done. He needs more fresh souls, so he tricks Kristen into drawing a new kid, Alice (Lisa Wilcox), in to act as a vessel for bringing new children into the dreamscape. Before dying Kristen passes on her gift/curse to Alice.

At first, Alice is unaware of her powers and unwittingly starts to lead the lambs to slaughter. She pulls them into her nightmares and Freddy's damns them forever. But unbeknownst to Freddy, Alice is gaining strength from the dearly depart kids and the skills to help defeat him.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #5 : The Dream Child

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

Before I sat down to watch Part 5, I prepared myself for another stinker like "Freddy's Revenge". Every review that I had read said it was one of the worst films in the "Nightmare" series. To say I was mildly surprise after watching this installment would be an understatement. I consider Part 5 one of the better Freddy movies probably just behind the original, part three, and the new nightmare.

The story begins with Alice (Lisa Wilcox....wooh baby), the heroine from the previous movie, taking a shower. Both her and her boyfriend Dan (Danny Hassel) have survived their first run in with Freddy. Could lightning strike twice? I don't think so...someone's gotta die. During a hot shower scene, Alice begins to dream of her long lost Freddy. Alice dreams of the night Freddy's poor mother (Amanda Krueger) was accidental locked in the asylum for the weekend. She than witnesses the re-birth of this monster through some mystery woman. One the thing I like about the "Nightmare" series is the ingenious ways they use to bring Freddy back (i.e. possession, fiery dog urine, etc). That's kinda cool because they never try to cheese out on what happened in the

A Nightmare on Elm Street #6 : The Final Nightmare

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

It's 10 years after Part 5 and Freddy has systematically eliminated every single pre-pubescence life form in Springwood. The populace lies is a state of psychosis. So Freddy decides to expand his operation and go global, "because every town has an Elm Street." But how......?

Freddy enlists the help of one John Doe (Shon Greenblatt) who he plucks out of his dreams and drops on the outskirts of Springwood. Suffering from amnesia, John is taken into an adolescent home where he meets Dr. Maggie Burroughs (Lisa Zane) and tell her about Freddy. They decide to head into town (bad idea) and get some answers. They are unknowingly accompanied by three misfits (new souls for Freddy?)

While is town, John determines that he must be the son of Freddy and that Krueger is using him to escape Springwood. Freddy has a son??? Well, I won't say for sure...rent the movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street #7 : New Nightmare

مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب )    للتثبيت

Isn't Freddy Dead?? Well I guess not, but rather than bringing him back in the movies, this movie tries to brings him into the real world. Wes Craven said after making the first nightmare that he would never do another one until he found a ****** he liked. Not a bad choice Wes. Last good horror movie you made, buddy.

The story begins with Heather Langenkamp (playing herself) having a nightmare about Freddy's glove. It seems that Heather (and this happen to her in real life) is being stalked by a maniac who terrorizes her with phone calls and letters. At the same time her husband Chase (David Newsom) has begun working on special fx on a top secret film project. It's 10 years after the first "nightmare" and New Line wants Heather back for the definitive "Freddy" movie.

It also seems that she isn't the only one having nightmares about Freddy. Robert Englund (playing himself) and even Wes Craven, who is allowing the nightmares to guide his ****** writing for the new film. This is a really excellent plot point. Wes explains that this evil has been around since the beginning of time and storyteller (and in this case, movie-makers) use their mastery of the tale to contain this evil and stop it from materializing in the real world. This spirit of evil has taken a special liking to the Freddy personality and hope to be reborn in his image. Wes believes that only by making another film can they contain this evil.

Freddy must use Heather (or Nancy) to enter into the real world. Her son Dylan (Miko Hughs...Gage from Pet Sematary) becomes the focal point of Freddy's torment. She finally determines that she must battle Freddy to defeat this evil. The ending is very cool.

Freddy Krueger is in hell - literally. It's been nearly ten years since Krueger, one of the scariest horror movie characters of all time, invaded peoples' dreams to exact his deadly form of revenge and murder. But now, his memory has been systematically erased by a town determined to put an end to Freddy once and for all. Potential victims have been drugged to prevent them from dreaming, rendering impotent the master of nightmares. They've eliminated their fear of Freddy, absolute torture for an egomaniac psychopath who's a legend in his own mind. Like an inmate with a life sentence, Freddy's been reduced to plotting a fantastic revenge that will never happen.

Until, that is, Freddy resurrects Jason Voorhees, an equally iconic madman. Jason is the perfect means for Freddy to once again instill fear on Elm Street, creating a window of opportunity for him to emerge from his purgatory. Recognizing how easily manipulated Jason is, Freddy tricks Voorhees into journeying to Springwood to start a new reign of terror.

But as the bodies begin to pile up on Elm Street and Freddy's fearsome reputation assumes new life, he discovers that Jason isn't willing to cease his murderous ways and step aside so easily. Now, with a terrified town in the middle, the two titans of terror enter into a horrifying showdown of epic proportions, alternating between the world of dreams and the harsh reality of the living world.

Who will win and who will lose in this battle to end all battles?

-:: مـلـف الـتـورنـت ::-


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18-08-2006, 10:26 PM
مشاركة: مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب ) للتثبيت

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شاهد أهداف مباراة الأهلى والاسماعيلى 4-4 واستمتع.......
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مشاركة: مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب ) للتثبيت

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مجموعة أفلام Freddy Kruger ( لعشاق أفلام الرعب ) للتثبيت

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